The Sedona Counselling Centre of Montreal offers psychotherapy, couple counselling, family therapy and divorce services.

*Services disponibles en français

Individual Services


Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy provides you with an in-depth understanding of what is getting in the way of you feeling good and accomplishing your goals in life. Tools and coping strategies are devised to suit your individual needs, ultimately leading to a fresh perspective, acceptance of yourself and positive change.

Life Coaching - Life Coaching offers feedback, insight and guidance when you are re-evaluating life choices or seeking a personal or professional breakthrough, with the aim of helping you achieve a goal. 

Divorce Recovery Support - Divorce Recovery Support offers help and healing for hurt and disappointment at the end of a marriage or long-term relationship. Fosters letting go of negative emotions and encourages a forward thinking approach, with the goal of building a brighter future.

Addictions Counselling - Addictions Counselling provides a support system for people struggling with different types of addictions; alcohol, drugs, food or other issues. It guides clients to change behaviors and develop healthier patterns.

Art & Drama Therapy - Art & Drama therapy use the creative process to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people at all ages.

Craniosacral Therapy and Manual Osteopathy - These gentle, hands-on therapies release tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health.


Couples Services


Couple Counselling – provides a safe place for couples to strengthen their bond, improve communication and work out solutions in their intimate relationships.

Pre-Marital Counselling – helps couples avoid future problems by exploring together important issues and expectations, and learning effective communication techniques.

Co-Parenting Coaching – teaches you strategies so you can effectively co-parent with your former spouse, lessening the impact of the divorce on the children.


Divorce Services


Co-Parenting Coaching – helps divorced parents find ways to put the anger left over from their past relationship behind them in order to co-parent together effectively in the best interest of their children.

Child and Teen Adjustment Counselling – offers a neutral environment where children can talk about their experience of living with divorced parents and get help with some of the emotional complexities of that reality.


Family Services


Family Therapy – helps change unhealthy or destructive patterns of relating, strengthens the family identity and promotes harmony.

Parenting Guidance – offers parents structured solutions that serve to reduce conflict between parents and kids, leading to better communication and cooperation in children.

Counselling for Children and Teens – provides help for issues such as oppositional behaviour and tantrums, kids with special needs, or depression, anxiety, and drug use in teens.

Blended Family Coaching – helps remarried families find a balance between the needs of the couple and the adjustment of children from previous relationships.